One Piece Chapter 1061 is titled “Egghead, Island of the Future”.

The chapter starts with Bonney talking to the Strawhats.

Luffy: Who’s that? She came out of the ocean!

Bonney: Cough cough ugh… Who!? I’m safe… Wait… Where’s the monster? It’s still there below. Look down!

Nami: Good, she seems ok!

Zoro: Oi, where are Luffy and the others going?

Franky: The kid is shouting something!

Sanji: She said look down!

Crew: Ahhhhhhhh! There’s something down below. That thing is scary run!

Zoro: Shark? But it’s too big and it’s metal?

Crew: Grab onto something we’re about to land!

Jinbei: Shit, Luffy and them fell in to the water. This is bad! Franky, take care of the helm and bring the ship to where we are gonna be

Franky: I got it!

Crew: Ahhhhh “Shipbottom!!”


Shark robot boom!!

Crew: Whoaaaa what is that?

Franky: Shit, we are all gonna fall!

Sanji: Robin chaan, Nami saaaan!

Jinbei: Luffy, Chopper, don’t worry, I’m here! What was the sound of explosives? The waves are too strong. It’s gonna be hard to navigate the ship like this.

Jinbei: Huh? cannon!? We’re gonna dive into the ocean everyone hold your breath!

Luffy/Bonney/chopper all taking a deep breath… Boom!

Ship crew: The calm is too fast we can’t get back up like this!

Shark robot: “Hungry tongue sound”

Shark robot “!!?”

Boom!! Another Franky like robot smashes The shark

The scene cuts to a nearby island, Marine base G14

Tashigi: Everyone it’s time for tea! Do your best!

Kids: We are only drinking this because you say so. Ewww yuck!! Gross!!

Big girl: I think we’ve gotten a lot smaller!

Tashigi: I agree mocha good job!!

G-14 Vice Admiral “Doll”: Tashigi got a sec? Can you do something about that shitty brat Helmeppo?

Tashigi: i don’t think I can do anything like that… Koby is his best friend and even for me is a Kohai (younger student)

Helmeppo: I beg you guys please!! Aren’t we on the same side?

Marine captain Hibari: I beg you too! Coby has done alot to help me too! (she is speaking very weird Japanese lol)

Helmeppo: Please take me to the pirate island too “Prince”!!

Hibari: please Prince!!

(This new sword is whatever rank is below vice admiral in English, Prince Gurus is his name)

Prince: We are talking about pirate island here! Blackbeards home base. If we poke at them all the pirates will come out like bees!

Helmeppo: We are close to Egg Head island. Can we please bring out the Seraphim?

Prince: Both of you calm down for a second. We can’t even get a hold of Drake right now. You guys need to understand we can’t do anything right now!

The scene cuts to Luffy’s group

Bonney: You guys don’t know who I am? I’m called one of the worst generation like you! Our names were side by side and I was at Sabaody 2 years ago too!

Luffy: Ohhh your WG(worst generation) too?

Bonney: I’m Bonney. I’m an enemy remember that, but thank you for saving me.

Luffy: Don’t worry about it Bogey! Ahh that’s cold!

Bonney: What was up with your wanted poster anyways? We thought your hair turned white and the newspaper was making a fuss about it too.

Luffy: Ahh yah… That’s how I look when I’m free!

Luffy: But hey it worked out right?

Bonney: And Jinbei is with you too….

Jinbei: What happened to your ship and crew?

Bonney: I came here by my self, tho my ship was eaten by that metal monster, I’m getting hungry.

Luffy: Let’s find a restaurant! I’m hungry too.

Chopper: Luffy, you have money?

Bonney: Hey idiots there is no restaurant here this is a governments island. Fine I’ll tel you. This is Egg Head island, they call it the island 500 years in the future, Vegapunk’s lab island

Luffy: Vegapunk!? I know that name!

Bonney: I’m here because I have business with him!

The scene cuts to the Strawhats

Franky: Giant..giant…

Usopp: Robot!

Girl: Ughhh failure again.. why is it that I can’t control a beings “lust”.

Sanji: Someone’s coming out!

Girl: Ahh… This is troublesome.

Franky: I don’t know who you are but thank you. You saved us!

Girl: What I told the mecha shark was observe, report and shoot fire, if he eats them we won’t have the gold left, a program mistake on my part.

Girl: Anyways, who said I was gonna save you pirates? I’m hired by the government. Dr Vegapunk!

(Note that the way her speech is spelled out in Japanese is that of an old man)

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