In the latest chapter, we saw that Sanji hit a woman, didn’t he?

Sanji himself says that he is in a lost of thought, and probably has little awareness to each other. Do remember the lack of dust in this panel.

If you see closely in the panel of the lady who is hurt, we see a lot of dust. There is also blood coming down from her head. Why do I mention this? Because a single kick wouldn’t cause this much dust. We also see that the lady doesn’t appear to have a hit mark on her face.

In this picture, we see what a normal person would look like if a more powerful person hit or beat them. They will swell and visible hit marks, so who hit her? My theory is that it’s just an explosion caused by Queen’s attack while he was following Sanji.

Sanji has mentioned that he was in a lost of thought and probably has no awareness in his surroundings. Sanji has relatively good observation haki, but he didn’t notice Queen’s attack because even after getting hit, he is still thinking about his body.

My theory is, Queen launched a laser attack that caused an explosion near the area of Sanji and sent the lady flying. That’s why we see Sanji being far away from her and there are more dust clouds in the area.

The lady had thought that this attack was caused by Sanji because it came from behind him thinking it was an attack meant to harm her.

Wouldn’t Sanji say anything if there was an explosion? Yes if he was aware of his surroundings, the thought of him losing his emotion and the fact that he saw a Lady hurt must have distorted his memory in some way. The continuous thinking of Germa had led him to a conclusion that he was the one who did it, and he had thought that he was losing his Humanity.

So yeah I think Sanji didn’t hit her. I might be wrong, but this is just a theory based on my observation in the chapter.

Theory by AvocadoExcellent114 (