With the reveal that the Nefertari family is in fact of the D clan as well and that Imu clearly didn’t know for sure until Cobra revealed it. It got me thinking, what if the initial D is not in fact a family name but actually a political statement from 1000 years ago?

What if 1000 years ago, people of any and all tribes who identified with Joyboy’s cause took the initial D into their names in order to publicly declare their support for him. In this way, D is not a name but a declaration and a political statement about whose side you’re on.

This would explain why even giants like Jaguar D. Saul can be a D even though all the D’s we had seen up to that point were human.

And this would also explain why Imu didn’t know that Lily was a D. It’s possible she was not a known public supporter of Joyboy and so she never publicly added the D to her name. If the D was actually a family name that would be a fact known to Imu before inviting her to found the world government.

The Nefertari’s are a well known family with assumedly a long standing history that predates the void century. If D was just a regular part of their name, Imu would have known about it.

And its likely Oda is hinting at this notion that anyone can be a D. Since at the same time of Cobra’s reveal we get a flashback from Sabo where Luffy and Ace invite Sabo to be a D as well.

What do you guys think?

Theory by ShayaVosh (https://www.reddit.com/user/ShayaVosh)