Howdy One Piece fans, we all know Wano is very close to the end. We already had the commander fights, and now it seems that the one of the only two fights that could stand above Sanji and Zoro is also finishing (Big Mom Vs Kidd and Law), leaving only Luffy Vs Kaido. If we are right, I don’t think we will see any other fight getting a full chapter.

Raizo vs Fukurokuju, probably gonna have a one panel dramatic ending with Fukurokuju blinking first. After all is not a fight anymore, is a game of chicken. The only ones left as a serious treat is CP0.

It seems like they will have a fight with Izo. It did seem they would get a fight with Drake and Apoo, but they didn’t. It happened off the panel, and they win very easily it seems.

I don’t think Oda would put a fight like Izo Vs CP0 after Zoro and Sanji fights, and after a Yonkou fight. So, I think that, just like with Drake, CP0 will defeat Izo off screen and move on with their pursuit.

I think they will star to just go through opponent after opponent in the pursuit of Robin. They will be like the terminator. They will defeat all the non Strawhats that appear in front of them. They just defeated 2 Supernovas and Numbers, I don’t think an injured Izo is gonna be able to stop them. So, he will be defeated, after, probably some Minks gonna stand in their way, and also be defeat.

One after another the Strawhats allies are going to fall to CP0. It will make they seem like an unstoppable threat, like the Terminator in the two good movies of the franchise. A threat that it seems that you can only slow down but never defeat. Until teamwork manage to defeat. That’s when CP0 is going to find the Non Monster Trio Strawhats and bite more than they can chew.

Usually, in the end of arcs the Strawhats are left doing something while Luffy finishes his fight (looking for the bomb in Alabasta, trying to cut the giant tree, so Luffy can reach Enel, trying to free Robin and find an escaping plan, fighting Oz, stopping the bird cage, getting to the meet point while evading Big Mom). I thought in this one, it was gonna be stopping Onigashima or the Youkai, but it seems those tasks were given to Yamato and Momo.

Thus, in Wano their task is going to be to stop the Terminators there are hunting down Robin.

I know, you may be thinking, how the Strawhats without the monster trio would be able to defeat people who crushed two Supernovas and a former Whitebeard commander. Well, there will be some heavy hitter left. Jimbei, Frank and Brook are very strong and the other 3 Strawhats are very capable in a support capacity. Nami can control the Battlefield with Clima-Tact, Ussop is an amazing sniper, Chopper can use brain point to create strategy, and the “we have monster trio at home” can be the front linners.

Now, you may ask, why are you suddenly talking about terminators?

Well, I think most of you know that Oda started working for Watsuki in Rurouni Kenshin, before having One Piece aproved for publication.

Oda was on Rurouni Kenshin team when the Kyoto saga was being writen. Here a fun fact. Watsuki has said that initialy he had the idea of Shishio (the final enemy of the arc) being kind like a Terminator in his final fight, where he would go walking on the battlefield defeating everyone he meets on his way until he finnally faces Kenshin. It didnt end up that way, but it was his plan. So, maybe Oda has decided to use the idea with CP0 now in Wano.

Theory by Environmental-Let639 (