One Piece Chapter 1049 will be released this Sunday. However, some early spoilers for the upcoming chapter have surfaced online, so I will be sharing them with you in this post. Here is everything you need to know about the One Piece upcoming chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1049 is titled “The world we should aspire to”. The cover of the chapter depicts that someone burned Niji and Yonji’s book.

At the beginning of chapter, we see Kaido’s flashback. We see his childhood in Vodka Kingdom, and where a few years later he met Whitebeard who told him that Rocks wants to meet him.

– His country tries to sell him to the Marines, but he escapes. It’s the king of the Vodka Kingdom who sells Kaido to the Navy for a certain reason. In fact we see Kaido in the throne room in chains and being taken away by several Marines. But he then escapes from them.

– We see Kaido rampages in Hachinosu (Blackbeard’s island now). Young Whitebeard appears and invites him. Kurozumi Higurashi also invites Kaido.

– Kaido’s flashback abruptly ends. The flashback ends with Kaido telling King he knows who Joy Boy is.

Back to the present.

– We see Denjirou hugs Hiyori.

– Part of Raizo’s water leaves the castle and flame clouds disappear. But Momo makes a new one. Luffy says he will create a world where none of his friends would starve, then he hits Kaido and Kaido falls to the ground of the flower capital.

Kaido’s Flashback continues.

– King asks: Who is it then?

– Kaido: The one who will defeat me.

– King: Then he will not appear.

We see the flame clouds made by Kaido disappear. But Momo manages to create new clouds and lands Onigashima safely. Momo falls to the ground exhausted.

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