According to Redon from Arlong Park Forums, One Piece Chapter 1018 is titled “Jinbe vs Who’s Who”.

In the last chapter of One Piece manga, we saw that Tama asked all the soldiers who ate Dango to become the allies of The Samurai. Because of that, she is now the target of Kaidou’s subordinates.

The Gifters and Shinuchi will be in-charge of protecting Tama. Tama and Nami go on Speed’s back. Usopp goes behind asking to be allowed to climb.

Nami will tell Zeus that they are now “companions”. Zeus looks so happy.

CP0 analyzes the battle after the last change. They also mention Who’s Who.

The rest of the chapter will be the fight between Jinbe and Who’s Who.

Who’s Who curses Shanks for stealing the Gomu Gomu no Mi. In addition to having eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi, Who’s Who is angry with Luffy for wearing Shanks’ hat.

Who’s Who heard the story of the legendary warrior “Sun God” from a guard, he was related to slaves. “The God of the Sun” is not Fisher Tiger because they have their own name and it is revealed in the chapter.

Thanks to that story, Who’s Who was able to survive in prison. The guard who told Who’s Who the story disappeared, so Who’s Who decided to escape from prison in case they did something.

As captain of the Fishman Pirates, Who’s Who asks Jinbe if he knows anything about this story, being a pirate gang of ex-slaves.

At the end of chapter, Jinbe uses a new attack against Who’s Who.