The official Twitter account for Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga announced on June 7 that One Piece will be on break between Jump issue 30-33 due to the preparation for the manga’s 25th anniversary celebrations and for the manga’s “final saga”.

The series will return in the 34th issue of the magazine. Manga starts break on June 27, returns on July 25. Shueisha published the 27th issue of the magazine on Monday, which means the manga still has two more chapters before the break starts. Basically, after Chapter 1053, there will be no chapter until the end of July.

Oda stated in a comment that his editors warned him that this summer would be very tough due to the One Piece Film Red opening in theaters, the manga’s 25th anniversary in July, his plans to go to Africa to oversee the filming of the live-action Netflix series, and the ending of the Wano Country arc all coinciding (Later Oda gave up to the trip due to Covid-19 spreading.)

Oda’s editors suggested that him take a break for about a month in the summer, but at first Oda was against it. But he said he then came around and decided that he needed some time for preparation, and so he is taking a break.

The pic says: Some months ago, Oda’s editors asked him, “Why not take breaks for about a month since you’re so busy this summer?”

Oda: “What? Breaks? Don’t you know how much my audience waits for my manga!? Well, I accept your offer!

Editor: You’re so busy this summer such as Wano arc coming to an end and finally…

Oda: I’d like to revise the story so that I can wrap up the “final arc” as soon as possible. (Not sure if Oda meant the final arc will start right after Wano.)