The official Twitter account for One Piece in Japan has shared a series of teaser images that have gotten fans thinking. In a special count down for the series’ 1000th Episode, beginning with the ten day mark, an image of each Straw Hat has been revealed with a single letter highlighted in red.

The highlighted letters have spelled out OP FILM. Then fans know there’s going to be some kind of new film announcement on the way. Today, it’s officially confirmed. We will get a new One Piece Film in 2022. And here’s what we know about this film.

One piece FILM RED will be releasing on August 6th of 2022. It seems the new Film will be about Shanks. The “D” is scarred like his left eye. This is also what Oda meant when he said Shanks would make his move this year.

Rough translation of Goro Taniguchi’s letter:

The director Goro Taniguchi says he hasn’t involved in a lot of One Piece anime (TOEI), but Oda and staff want to add something more and different view/perspective. Mr Tsutomu Kuroiwa (screen/script writer) with his help and staff, it’s becoming interesting. Please look forward to this film.


Rough translation of Tsutomu Kuroiwa’s letter:

Oda said “the script is wonderful “, and so I think I managed to full fill my role. This conversation between Mr Oda and director Goro Taniguchi is going on over two years, and now when we are approaching the goal of project is like a dream. This film will pierce hearts of many people. Please look forward to it.


Oda’s Comments:

We’re making a movie!! “RED”!! I’m tired of drawing The Legend of the Grandpa! (laugh). Let me draw what I want to! The current character we’re working on it is like that! And that was the beginning. Did you know that the director Taniguchi Gorou, who is standing opposite to the work of One Piece, was actually the first person in the world to make Luffy into an anime? Now, we’ve got some news that’ll really suprise you coming up. The new movie, “RED”!! Please look forward to it as you imagine what it’ll be like!!