Has anyone come up with this speculation that Blackbeard may have got the immortal surgery? I just recently had this idea.

My first hint was that he can survive even after eating two devil fruits, which was supposedly told to result in death. After wondering sometimes, I remembered Marco’s statement-That guy’s body is weird.

Think about it; a person who has got immortal surgery would have to go through some sort of internal change to adapt to live that long and since he has got the immortal surgery eating devil fruits wouldn’t bother him.

Also, there is a connection between Blackbeard and Rocks (both have operation through same island, Blackbeard literally has his ship’s name Saber of Xebec).So maybe Xebec had Op-Op no mi and died on God Island after giving immortal surgery to Teach as in passing the torch kind of thing as his last hope of conquering seas.

Not sure of the whole Rocks thing but I think it’s a good speculation that Blackbeard has got the immortal surgery done on him.

Theory by ButterflyDelicious98.