Where is Laugh Tale located?

I started rereading One Piece a month ago, and I had recently read up on the chapter when the Strawhats get to reverse mountain, were they meet Crocus and Laboon. Then the idea got in my head. What if Laugh Tale is inside the stomach of a whale. The more I thought and looked in to it the more sense it made. So, let me explain.

Why would a whale be a fitting place?

First of all, we know that the no one has found Laugh Tale except Roger’s crew. Why is that? Of course, you need the 4 Road Poneglyphs to get the coordinates but like it’s such a wide world that eventually someone should have stumbled upon it if it’s in plain sight on the ocean right?

Second, we know for a fact Laugh Tale holds the information about the events of the void century, maybe even more. If the World Government could destroy that place they would do it without a second thought. They have probably sent out thousand of exploration journeys just to find this island. Heck look what they did to Ohara they didn’t let a single piece of knowledge get out of there (except Robin), they destroyed the whole island to be 100% sure nothing would get out. So, I’m sure that even if Laugh Tale was in space the government would do everything to get there and destroy it. No doubt.

But let’s say this scenario. The ancient kingdom had an island civilization inside a whale. That is genius. It’s like a massive ultra version of a submarine. And if they had Poseidon they could probably order the whale and steer it on command.

Music is the key.

But how would the Strawhats find this whale? Is the Road Poneglyphs enough? No, I don’t think so. It needs something more. It needs some kind of language to reach the whale. But what could that be? A song! and not any song, Binks’ Sake is the key to finding this whale.

Many people have theorized about Binks’ Sake holding a big key to One Piece or the lyric’s holds the key. And I think that is very close. But not quite so. Binks Sake’s role is to find the whale. Why does it work? If you didn’t know singing, and music is the language of whales. They love to sing! They use it for many different reasons, but they also do it because it brings them JOY.

So say this scenario the Strawhats get the location from the Road Poneglyhps and go there. Nothings there. But then they start playing and singing Binks’ Sake. The whale will hear the song and come forth. What does this mean? Laugh Tale could only be found by a true pirate. Only pirates know and sing that song. Joyboy knew he had to make it so only one of his kind could find their island. So, he ordered the whale to only respond to those who sing that song. And also what did the Roger pirates do when they were on it’s way to Laugh Tale? They sang Binks’ Sake.

Plot convenience:

This is the true final island. I think it would only make sense if the last island is the grandest and coolest island yet, I’m sure Oda saved the best island idea for the most hyped island. Like what is more badass than a whole ancient island civilization inside a living whale.

Oda has shown that a living island is not impossible (Zou). It nicley ties it together. What was technically the first island we stumbled uppom in the grand line? Crocus fake island inside a whale. Wouldn’t it be fitting if the last island an actual big ancient island inside a whale?

Theory by Navy0308 (https://www.reddit.com/user/Navy0308)