Roronoa Zoro’s lineage and family history have been a talking point among One Piece fans for years. The green-haired swordsman’s Japanese origins seem to imply that answers might be found in the Wano, a land loosely based on feudal Japan where samurai still reign. Luckily, Oda just revealed the answers everyone has been looking for by means of One Piece Volume 105 SBS. So here is the Zoro’s lineage information.

Q: There were many questions regarding Zoro’s bloodline. I don’t think there is any need to elaborate on it further, so I will just announce it here.

Flag: Zoro’s Family Tree!

55 Years Ago – Shimotsuki Kozaburo Created Enma (it was a present when Oden was 4 years old)

With 25 people, he set sail from Wano (Including Ushimaru’s older sister, Furiko and Carpenter Minatomo)

52 years ago, they saved a village from a group of bandits in the East Blue.

10 crew members settled here and established Shimotsuki Village.

**TL note: I’m about to show the family tree, I’m going from row by row, so this is not how you are supposed to read it properly.

If there is an ‘x’ between two names then they married each other according to the tree**

Oda: The younger brother of Shimotsuki Furiko, who was on the ship that set sail from Wano and who encountered “so-and-so” during Yamato’s childhood, was Shimotsuki Ushimaru, a former daimyo of Ringo and the descendant of Wano’s mythical samurai, Shimotsuki Ryuma, whom Zoro met at back at Thriller Bark. In other words, what does this all mean? This is a strange and mysterious story of fate that even Zoro himself doesn’t know about it.