I’ve been going over the information that’s been released about the Road Poneglyphs and there are noteworthy contradictions and holes regarding Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph.

To begin with, the method that Roger got Big Mom’s Poneglyph is contradictory and opens up a huge can of worms. In chapter 853, Big Mom says that Roger used his Voice of All Things to READ the Poneglyph she had. Big Mom planned to use Pudding’s Three-Eye Tribe ability to eventually read the Poneglyphs as well.

However, Big Mom’s description of how Roger got her Poneglyph wasn’t accurate. In chapter 966, Roger has a copy of Big Mom’s RP that he shows to Whitebeard and Oden and Roger was surprised that Oden could read it. He confirms that he stole that copy of the RP from Big Mom in the next chapter.

That proves that Roger couldn’t get the Laugh Tale X spot coordinate from Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph using his Voice of All Things ability. If he could do that, Roger would have just written down the coordinates for the X-spot location and left. Roger was forced to make a charcoal rubbing instead which is why it was so important for Oden to join his crew so he could read it.

I’m pretty sure that when Roger uses the Voice of All Things, he just hears a bunch of muffled voices, but the location of the muffled voices helps him spot where the Poneglyphs are. This is demonstrated when Roger and his crew found the Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell Poneglyph.

But then that raises another question. If the Voice of All Things can’t read the Poneglyphs, doesn’t that mean Pudding is going to be useless to Blackbeard? I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to that question yet.

Anyway, there’s something else about Big Mom’s Poneglyph compared to the other Poneglyphs that just doesn’t make sense and that is its location. To recap here are the 4 Road Poneglyphs:

– Zou’s Road Poneglyph.

– Whole Cake Island Road Poneglyph that Big Mom owns.

– Wano Road Poneglyph that Kaido had.

– Missing Road Poneglyph which used to be on Fishman Island, is rumored to be on a black ship deep in the New World with a man “marked by flames” (it’s not Dragon).

So at first glance, it looks like Kaido and Big Mom both found their own RPs and brought them to their bases, but we later learned that wasn’t the case. Kaido never found his own Road Poneglyph, it was always on Wano as shown by Oden’s nonchalant reaction to telling Gold Roger that Wano had a RP. So if Kaido never actually found a RP from extensive searching and sleuthing, that makes Big Mom’s RP stand out even more.

Big Mom had her RP for at least 26 years, but that doesn’t mean her RP was always on Whole Cake Island. It makes no sense for Big Mom’s RP to have been on Whole Cake Island/Totto Land all along because we’ve actually learned that all of the other RP locations have some type of connection to Joy Boy. Think about the locations of the other RPs, they were all in incredibly hard-to-find locations overseen by Joy Boy’s allies.

•One is on a Gigantic elephant that was Joy Boy’s companion that no Log Pose can locate.

•Another one was at the bottom of the ocean with a personal apology from Joy Boy.

•And the last one was in a nation cut off from the rest of the world and was being ruled by the family of one of Joy Boy’s longest-serving allies that made the Poneglyphs in the first place.

Pretty good spots to hide something critically important.

Whole Cake Island on the other hand doesn’t fit the bill. It was a barren island that Mother Caramel discovered for her orphans that was turned into an artificial sweet-filled island by Big Mom along with the rest of the Totto Land archipelago. Judging by how barren the island was, how it seems relatively simple to access the island, and the lack of connection to Joy Boy, there is no way the RP was there when Big Mom got there. So if Big Mom didn’t find the Poneglyph on Whole Cake Island, how did she get it?

I have 2 ideas in mind for where Big Mom’s RP originally was

  • The first possibility is Elbaf. It’d make some sense given the longevity of the giants. But it doesn’t make sense that Big Mom would be able to go back there given the hatred the Giants have for her. However, there’s another place I’m thinking of fits the bill much better.
  •  The most likely place that Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph came from is God Valley.

This makes so much sense to me given the timeline, convergence of characters, and a subtle hint. Roger reached LodeStar Island 39 years ago and learned about the significance of the Poneglyphs as Inurashi says happens to those that make it to Lodestar Island in chapter 820.

Just one year later he was involved with the God Valley Incident that included Big Mom.

My working theory is that given his crew’s strength, Rocks decided to rob the Celestial Dragons and held them hostage on their special island of God Valley in order to try and take over the world. This would be one of the breaking of taboos that Sengoku mentioned. But then they discovered things about Joy Boy along with the Road Poneglyph on the island and everything escalated into a massive battle.

Roger teamed up with Garp because he heard a Road Poneglyph was there and the battle culminated in Rocks losing and being killed and the Rocks pirates splitting up. Big Mom stole that Road Poneglyph during the God Valley Incident and Roger heard the voice of the RP which allowed him to learn Big Mom had a RP to reach the final island in the New World. So Roger pursued her and eventually got a copy of her RP.

There is what I believe to be a subtle hint from Chapter 1081 when the Blackbeard pirates talked about the location of the Final RP. Shiryu said he thinks the World Government is secretly hiding one of the RPs. Since that panel is right next to the rumor detailing where the final RP is, it makes sense that people would look past it. But I think Oda put it there for a reason, it’s secretly a hint for the original location of a different RP, Big Mom’s!

The reason why I’m leaning towards this is because of Big Mom’s inner monologue when she’s defeated in Chapter 1040. She bemoans why Roger had to tell everyone about One Piece before he was executed? She’s also thinking why couldn’t have Roger told “us” about what the One Piece actually was and if it was real? And by “us”, she means herself and Kaido. To me, this sounds like Big Mom knew about the legend of One Piece BEFORE Roger died and wasn’t just hoarding Poneglyphs for no reason.

I have a feeling there was a time when both Roger and the Rocks Pirates knew about the RPs along with the legend of One Piece while knowing the other side knew at the same time and I believe it happened during the God Valley Incident.

However, there is admittedly one hiccup in this theory and that is Whitebeard. If he was in God Valley when the incident happened, why didn’t he learn about the Poneglyphs before Roger told him? I don’t think this is a dealbreaker though because Oda managed to write his way out of plot holes before.

For example, we all thought Shanks and Buggy should know what One Piece was since they were both on Roger’s crew. But it turns out they couldn’t make the final voyage to Laugh Tale because Buggy got sick and Shanks stayed back to take care of him.

My take is that either Whitebeard didn’t care about the Road Poneglyphs like he didn’t care about finding One Piece because he cared more about his own crew he considered family. Remember how angry he was at Roger for taking Oden and was barely satisfied from taking all of Roger’s treasure as compensation. Or he was preoccupied at a different place in God Valley like fighting St. Figarland Garling and never saw the Road Poneglyph or witnessed Big Mom steal it.

There could be other hiccups in this theory, but nothing else seems to come close to matching God Valley as the original location of Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph this late in the story. I have more theories about the God Valley Incident that I hope to share with you all soon.


Big Mom stole her Road Poneglyph from God Valley during the incident and God Valley has a special connection to Joy Boy.

Theory by Lightecojak (https://www.reddit.com/user/Lightecojak)