Eichiro Oda is the illustrator of world’s top-selling manga One piece that was first serialized in 1997 in Shueisha weekly Shōnen Jump magazine with more than 490 million copies sold up to date.

Some interesting facts about this amazing genius man.

– Eichiro Oda decided he wanted to be a manga artist by the age of four. He’s the most wealthiest mangaka with an estimated net worth of over $230 million.

– Before he created his worldwide famous manga- One Piece, he struggled with depression for two years and even sometimes during the course of the manga, that he does not like to talk about stating the audience is interested in such stuff.

– Eichiro Oda’s greatest ongoing work One Piece is one of the few Japanese mangas to win Guinness world record. One Piece won Guinness world award in 2015 for the top selling comic book with most sold copies by a single author.

– Before writing One Piece he wrote a novel name Wanted about a man who a man who is possessed by the phantom of a serial killer.

– His work enabled him to meet his life partner- Chiaki Inaba. He met her in a One Piece Jump Festa, who cosplayed the heroine of his famous manga named Nami.

– Eichiro Oda even worked while he was admitted to the hospital. He told the ending of One Piece to his fan that was going to die while visiting him in the hospital whose final request was to know the ending.

– He gets only three to four hours of sleep every night and often work 15 – 16 hours a day. His dream is to travel the world after finishing his manga. In case he dies while One Piece is not finished, he had told his assistant the ending of One Piece who would see it through the end.

– Luffy the main protagonist of his manga is the first anime character to have ever appeared on a Japanese fashion magazine.

– He shares the same birthday as Ace (the 1st January).

– He idolizes the author of Dragon Ball Z : Akira Toryama.