One Piece Chapter 998 is just around the corner, some of the latest information regarding the chapter has been revealed. Although not much, we can somehow know what will happen in the upcoming chapter, so now we will be talking about One Piece Chapter 998.

One Piece 998 Spoilers:

According to the leaked spoilers, Chapter 998 title – “Ancient species”.

– Marco will use his skills to stop the spread of the virus. It seems that the virus depends on the physical capacity of the person or something like that.

– Apoo is wounded, but he will get up, and Drake will defeat him.

– Franky will fight against Sasaki – who is a user of the Ryuu Ryuu no Mi Model Triceratops.

– Sanji Vs. Black Maria – who is a user of the Kumo Kumo no Mi (Kumo means spider) model Rosamygale grauvogel.

– Jinbe Vs. Who’s Who – who is a user of the Neko Neko no Mi model “Saber tooth” or Smilodon.

– Yamato sees a statue of a beaten dragon, says that a friend broke it. It looks like it was Ace’s doing.

– Yamato: “A man came a few years ago to kill my father.”


We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!