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Luffy Is The Next Joy Boy? The Will of D.


Recently, we have seen a lot of new context to the Roger Pirates on a rather unprecedented level thanks to the flashbacks. However, I think this is the last we’ve seen of Roger in this flashback outside of Oden learning about his death. The flashback also mentioned Joy Boy and I think it more or less told what the Will of D. was, even though we don’t know the what, when, where, and how of it.

I think the Will of D. was a promise Joy Boy made.

Why do I think this? Because of this single quote from Gold Roger displayed all the way back in the Loguetown arc:

“That which cannot be stopped: Inherited will, a man’s dream, and the flow of time. As long as man continues to seek out the answer to freedom, these things shall never be stopped.” – Gold Roger.

I’m not going to sit here and speculating what promise Joy Boy made, but it’s abundantly clear that his will is to be inherited. But his will is so large, not just one person can accomplish it. This is the origins of the D. Clan.

I believe Joy Boy was the king of the Ancient Kingdom and the D. Clan was born from Joy Boy’s Inherited Will.

I think the D. Clan was the remnants of the Ancient Kingdom, and to honor their king they have decided to spread out across the world and make motions to make sure his promise comes to pass. However, they were suppressed by World Government.

In fact, the recent chapter pretty much outright confirms it. The Sea Kings specifically call Luffy a king alongside Poseidon, imply that Luffy is the “return” of Joy Boy. This may be the case, but I do not think this means Luffy will be solely responsible for fulfilling Joy Boy’s promise.

So what’s going to happen? I think Luffy and his allies will take down the World Government.

And some people might hate that, but it’s the message of the entire series. In fact, Luffy himself has even stated multiple times that he’d probably be dead without people like Nami and Sanji.

What I specifically think is going to happen once Luffy goes to Laugh Tale. Someone or something is going to reveal to him that he is the heir to Joy Boy’s will. However, Luffy will not want to act as the savior of the world or being the king of the world. More importantly, he will downplay his own ability as well.

In turn, this will fulfill the purpose of the Will of D. in the first place. Joy Boy couldn’t do everything on his own, as showcased in his failure in getting the fishmen onto Noah so they can live above the water. Maybe Joy Boy tried doing everything mostly on his own, carrying the burden on his back. This was the mistake he made.

Oda’s message has always been that the people you surround yourself with is just as important as the type of person you are. And Luffy is always surrounded by people he’s made deep emotional connections to. People who he’s saved from slavery and tyranny. His friends, his nakama.

That’s why the final battle between Luffy and the World Government won’t happen. It’ll be Luffy and his allies: the Strawhats, the Grand Fleet, the Alabasta Kingdom, the Dressrosa Kingdom, Fishman Island, Wano, Elbaf, etc. vs. the World Government.